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In Qualicare Logistics, we believe that there is nothing linear about the supply chain and that  change is a given.

In a conventional supply chain model, supply drives demand. Products are manufactured, stored in anticipation of future demand. But when sudden demand shifts occur, the supply chain must jostle to adjust.

In the Demand-Responsive Supply Chain Model, demand drives supply. Processes are designed to anticipate changes and flex. Proper use of this model can empower an organization to plan and configure what it buys, makes, moves, sells, delivers, and increasingly returns in as close to real-time demand as possible.

The advantages of this methodology include:

  • A supply chain closer to independent demand
  • Shorter lead times through greater flexibility

Elimination of costs, not just shifting or absorbing them elsewhere

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Qualicare Logistics Value

When you select Qualicare Global Logistics as your supply chain partner, you can trust that your business is in the hands of dedicated, knowledgeable Customs brokerage and logistics professionals, who are vested in carrying on the company’s legacy of exceptional customer service.